The History of Tamales

When you’re eating a delicious tamale, you probably focus more on the flavor than the history. But did you know tamales have been around for thousands of years? Ventura’s Tamales takes history into account at our restaurant in Victoria, TX. This food has always had a wide range of fillings, but the shapes varied as well. Long ago, you could find tamales featuring anything from chocolate to wild boar.


If all of this tamale-talk is making you hungry, visit us today!


Tamales Across Different Regions


Tamales have different names depending on which region you’re in. Some examples include:

  • “Bollo” in Colombia
  • “Corunda” in some parts of Mexico
  • “Hallaca” in Venezuela
  • “Nactamal” in Nicaragua
  • “Paches and Chuchitos” in Guatemala


No matter what you call this old favorite, you’ll surely enjoy our tamales. Come in today to try them for yourself!