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Sizzling chicken fajitas with rice and beans

Enjoy Victoria's Finest Fajitas

At Ventura’s Tamales in Victoria, a tradition of Mexican culinary excellence has been our hallmark since 1985. Our signature fajitas, a beloved local specialty, represent a fusion of authentic Mexican recipes and the freshest local Texan ingredients. Each plate of fajitas is a symphony of flavors, combining tender, marinated meats with bell peppers and onions, all seasoned with our blend of spices. The result is a captivating aroma and a taste that transports you to the heart of Mexico. Voted “Best of” by the Victoria Advocate in 2023!

Plate with rice, beans, and chicken fajitas. Available w/ Inez & Port O'Connor catering services

Our Signature Fajitas

We believe that great food is a celebration of tradition and community. Our fajitas are served with warm, homemade tortillas and a selection of homemade salsas, creamy guacamole, and rich sour cream, perfect for gatherings with family and friends. At Ventura’s Tamales, we’re not just serving meals; we’re creating an experience where every bite resonates with our commitment to authenticity, quality, and the joyous spirit of Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine.

tacos with rice and sauce

Explore Our Fajitas Menu

Ventura’s Tamales presents a varied Fajitas Menu that caters to a wide range of tastes. Our selection includes traditional beef and chicken fajitas, marinated for flavor, alongside options like shrimp and vegetarian fajitas. For those who like to customize, we offer combinations to mix meats to your liking. Each dish comes with sautéed vegetables, warm tortillas, tacos, and a choice of homemade sides and sauces. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to our cuisine, our fajitas menu offers an authentic taste of Mexican and Tex-Mex cooking.

Plate of nachos with cheese, guacamole, and salsa

Super Fajita Nachos

Small $13.99 | Large $17.99

Choice of beef or chicken fajita with onions, bell peppers, and all your favorite toppings.

Fajitas with rice, beans, and guacamole

Chicken Fajita Dinner

Price: $17.99

Half-pound of seasoned chicken fajita, served with traditional sides.

Fajitas with rice, beans, and guacamole

Beef Fajita Dinner

Price: $19.99

Indulge in our half-pound beef fajita, a perfect blend of spices and flavors.

Fajitas with rice, beans, and guacamole

Fajitas Dinners for 2

Price: $39.99

Ideal for sharing, these platters are a celebration of taste and togetherness. Option to choose between beef, chicken, or both for no extra cost.

Beef Fajita Wrap with chips and queso

Fajita Wraps

Beef $11.99 | Chicken $10.99

A quick, delicious option wrapped up with our signature flavors.

Plate of chicken salad with lettuce, tomatoes, and avocado

Fajita Salad

Price: $14.99

A lighter choice, combining fresh greens with the robust taste of fajitas.

Chicken fajitas with rice, beans, and guacamole

Lighter Fajitas

Chicken $15.99 | Beef $17.99

A health-conscious option that doesn’t compromise on taste.

Variety of tacos on a tray topped with vegetables and sauces

Family Meal Combos

Price: $49.99

Perfect for family dinners, these combos are a tour of our best offerings.

Fajitas with rice, beans, and guacamole

Locally Sourced, Lovingly Prepared

Every dish at Ventura’s Tamales is a testament to our commitment to quality. We pride ourselves on using locally sourced ingredients, supporting the Victoria community, and bringing a piece of local culture to every meal. Our fajitas are not just food; they’re a culinary journey through the heart of Victoria, Texas. Experience the rich flavors and traditions that make our community special, and enjoy a meal that truly represents the essence of Victoria.

Engaging with Our Victoria Community

Ventura’s Tamales isn’t just about serving food; it’s about serving the community. We’re actively involved in local events, charities, and initiatives, ensuring that our business constantly contributes positively to the vibrant life of Victoria, Texas! Our commitment to quality and community makes every bite a part of something bigger. Join us in celebrating tradition and togetherness with every tamale we make.

Ventura's Tamales restaurant

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